Book Review: Interpreting Scripture with the Great Tradition

The God that Christians serve, worship, and seek to know is often called the God of the Bible. The Christian tradition considers the Bible to be the revelation of God himself, through which we know God, His story, and our place in it. In Interpreting Scripture with the Great Tradition, Craig A. Carter provides the people of God with an introduction to reading the Bible with the great teachers of the church by engaging with the way the church has interpreted scripture throughout the ages.

Carter writes that “through prayer, docility, and receptivity, and with an open heart we read the Scriptures expecting God to speak to us through them. We hear in the inspired text the voice of the living God and, in hearing, we are transformed into both hearers and doers of the Word” (page 45).

By surveying historical and modern readings of the Bible, Carter argues that only by returning to an ancient way of reading the scriptures, consistent with the creedal affirmations and the great teachers of the church, will we once again take seriously the revelation of God in the Bible and, through reading it, be transformed into doers of the Word.

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