Book Review: My Soul Waits: Solace for the Lonely in the Psalms

Several years ago, while going through a painful period in my life, the book My Soul Waits: Solace for the Lonely in the Psalms by Marva Dawn brought me much comfort, and I have also recommended it to others, who have reported the same back to me.

Marva Dawn is no stranger to suffering, living her life with chronic illness and pain. She has spent much time alone or withdrawn from social interactions because of her sufferings. Dawn comments in the beginning that she “wrote this book to bring the healing presence of God’s Word through the Word-shaped community to those who suffer from various kinds of loneliness, and for people who minister to them…” (page 10).

Each chapter is an exploration of a psalm from the Book of Psalms, peppered with personal stories to explore the poignant personal application of the psalm. Each chapter also ends with questions for further meditation to help the reader ponder what God might be saying to him/her through the presented psalm. Dawn’s words in this book offer a healing balm to those of us living through the suffering, pain, and loneliness of this present time.

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